Meet the Mriya Report team

We are a team of 50+ volunteers worldwide, dedicated to providing unconditional support for Ukraine. Our aim is to increase awareness, educate and support Ukraine. We operate 24/7 a week since the start of the full scale invasion, an information campaign to assist and support Ukrainians.


What we fight for

We’ve been here since the beginning

It is our moral obligation to help and support Ukraine in its fight for freedom. To speak the truth. To help Ukrainian causes. To stop a genocide.

We open the conversation and spread awareness about the war in Ukraine.

We broadcast news from Ukraine, interviews and analysis 24/7. Our aim is to increase awareness, fight propaganda and keep Ukraine front of mind.

We built a community of advocates.

Ukrainians not only need, but deserve our ongoing help and unwavering support. Now and after it has won the war.






Committed to Change

Yehuda Amzallagh


And many more who wish to remain anonymous. 


Our financial commitment

Our dedicated team of volunteers selflessly invest their time and energy, often juggling their responsibilities alongside their private lives and full-time jobs. All these individuals are driven by a shared goal: to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the illegal invasion of Ukraine.

It’s important to emphasise that every dollar we raise and every resource we gather, directly goes to support Ukrainian causes and the people in Ukraine. All money is raised in support of Ukraine and organisations that counter disinformation and provide material support on the ground. We have a strict commitment to ensuring that our efforts are maximised for the benefit of those who need it most. Only your support and our volunteers’ dedication make it possible to provide aid, relief, and hope to those facing a genocidal war in Ukraine. Together, we are working tirelessly to fight disinformation, create positive change and support a brighter future for this resilient nation. Thanks to your generous contributions, we have been able to deliver Solar Power Generators, Canned Meat and Fish, Medication packages, Starlink, Cerebral Palsy Chairs, Thermal Drones, Mine Clearing Equipment, Hearing protection and more.


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